"Bryant is 5-0 this year in middle school at 130lbs.  Thanks for all of your help last year.  Wrestling has given him the confidence to excel not only in wrestling this year but also in football and baseball at the middle school level.  I cannot thank you enough for giving him the opportunity to learn, sharing your knowledge and expertise, and building up his confidence and belief in himself last year.  You are a great coach.
 -Kevin Bowman

"Since my son Gary has started working with Ronny, he has more desire, dedication for whatever he does on and off the mat.  Thanks for everything you do Ronny.  You've made a difference in G's life."
-Gary Bennett

"We love Ronny!! Thanks for taking the time to figure out how best to work with Reece.  He is excited about wrestling and he hasn't been excited about much lately!!"
-Jackie Radford

"Mat Masters is a great program to be involved with.  Ronny has real passion for the sport and he is impacting kids lives.  He uses wrestling to teach life skills and help kids reach their full potential.  It a pleasure to work with Ronny and all of the children at Mat Masters."
-AJ Foard

"I've known Ronny since 1997.  He is a outstanding person and one of the hardest working individuals I know.  He's passionate and driven to become one of the best coaches in the sport of wrestling.  Ronny is known for being inspirational in his wrestler's lives.  He motivates them to become champions on the mat and in life."
-Juco Nat. Champ, 2x NAIA All American, and Head Coach of St. John Vianney High School,  Eric Brown

"I have known Ronny since 1992.  We wrestled on Grier's Middle School Team together.  Since then it has been my pleasure to wrestle and coach with Ronny.  He has a great desire to help children reach their potential on and off the mat.  His practice sessions teach kids more than wrestling.  With the inspiration and instruction Ronny provides there is no one better to have teaching your children."
-Head Wrestling Coach of Ashbrook's High School, Jake Eccles